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Information for Attorneys

CleanSplit provides a simple and cost-effective way for parties to divide their marital or community property during a divorce. With CleanSplit, you eliminate the aggravation and frustration of negotiating every single item of property.

If the parties agree, the CleanSplit Property Division Report can be used as a binding agreement in a marital termination agreement or other similar final divorce agreement. It can also be used as a trial exhibit to document a binding agreement for the listed property, or each party's valuation of the listed property.

The CleanSplit website is designed to allow only placing prices on the property that both parties agree should be on the list. If the parties disagree as to whether an item should be on the list (for example, whether an item is marital or non-marital), the item will be marked as an excluded item. Items never listed or excluded items will need to be addressed separately by the parties and will not be allocated by the CleanSplit process.

To assist your clients in creating a property list, you can download a sample in Word format here.

To access a sample Stipulation and Order in Word format, which you should revise to conform with applicable law, click here: Sample Stipulation and Order.

NOTE: This page is intended for use by attorneys, and does not intend to give legal advice to anyone, including registered users of this website.