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Clean split: An easy way to divide property during divorce

Welcome to CleanSplit

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Created by a family law mediator, CleanSplit is an easy-to-use tool that allows divorcing couples to divide their property without confrontation while saving time and legal fees.

Through our secure website, the parties create a collaborative list and privately value their marital or community property. When they are finished, CleanSplit creates a report showing the property awarded to each party based on that value along with an "equalization payment" to make the division equal. This report can be used with your divorce documents, and for only $49.99 each, it makes the process much less expensive than using attorneys and mediators in the division of property in a divorce.

CleanSplit will save you time, money and aggravation during the divorce process.

Learn more about how to divide your property in a divorce at How It Works or watch a short video by clicking here.